Sport has been a huge part of my life. Photography started for me while riding BMX as a way to capture the daily adventures of my friends and I. It has grown and expanded throughout all aspects of my life over the past 15 Years. 

I worked for Chain Reaction Cycles for almost a decade I have travelled all over Europe to cycle events, worked on clothing catalogue shoots for road cycle brands in Spain, Photographed the Giro D Italia, travelled to international Triathlon races and Ironman events in Germany.

I have travelled around the UK and Ireland documenting Downhill MTB races, Road sportive and Triathlons. I have shot photos at many a BMX competition in Ireland and I have spent a lot of time photographing my friends ride bikes along the way.

I surf on the North and West Coasts of Ireland and always take a camera up there with me exploring new ways for me to capture another sport I love.

Having an understanding of these sports from the athlete's perspective allows me to capture them in my own special way.