The Placement Student

April 21, 2020

I have had many requests over the years about taking on placement students but as a freelance solo creative that seems like a daunting process. Having to teach and among another person while also trying to do a job yourself. I work a lot, I jump between jobs, I'm in and out of the studio a lot, my plans change frequently and I need t be agile so this has always been something I have struggle to commit to. Then I got a call from Andrew (@Skiddo4) we had been chatting back and fourth on Instagram and he asked if he could join me for a few days one week and I agreed. But I wanted to do something hands on, something different, so I booked out a few days of my week and kept them clear apart from a couple of client location meets and a set build in my studio. 

I got Andrew to help me produce a short video around the placement experience, from my experience it was always awkward with loads of questions and misunderstood instructions, awkward was the main vibe. So I thought 'lets create a mocumentary' like The Office, but focused on a. few days with a placement student. This would allow me to show Andrew how I shoot and let him ask questions, learn, experience th item with someone who does this for a living for real rather than just sitting on the sidelines.

This is the Placement Student. 




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