Enter the Bullhouse - the brewery tour

February 20, 2018

I am a craft beer fan, I make my own home brew beer and I am super interested in the local beer scene. Over the past year I have got to know Willy from Bullhouse Brewing. Bullhouse is a small craft beer brewery based in County Down, Northern Ireland. Willy owns it and is the head brewer. They make awesome small batch IPA, lagers and mix of speciality beers. I asked him if I could pop over and have a nosey around the brewery. So I took a trip down with my friend Tim to look around and help him film a social video for Bullhouse, try his new beer and chat to him about his plans for the future.

Its early days for Bullhouse but they are already getting awesome feedback here in NI and Ireland and I expect to see some great things from them in the near future.



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