Belfast Coffee Chats - the Vlogumentary

February 4, 2018

This all started one day when I was chatting to Matthew from Best Of Belfast who told me about his friend who had just finished something called the Belfast Coffee Map. A paper, pocket sized publication featuring a load of cool coffee stops in Belfast. The map was aimed at people wanting an alternative way to experience belfast as well as a guide for tourists to some cool coffee stops in the city. I was intrigued and had an idea.

I picked up a copy of the map and thought it would be cool to try and hit up every spot in one day. But a coffee in each stop would be quite dangerous. So I put together a plan to meet up with a bunch of cool people I follow on social media for a casual chat... I got my brother along to help me film it and we spent the day cruising around Belfast on bicycle chatting to people in some of the cities coffee shops.

We altered the map a bit to suit some of the places we like, along with a couple of last minute changes due to other issues slightly out of our control... It was a pretty mad day, it took a lot of organising trying to get people involved, get them to a time slot, stick to that time slot and then capture what we needed. Everyone was so passionate and open about what they do, I learnt a lot more about each one of them than I initially imagined and I had an incredible day.

The videos take loose inspiration from podcasts with their passive observation style. The vlogumentary is quite long...hence the name but I didn't want to loose any of the content because I quite liked it so I trimmed it down as much as I could, then I created a series of individual videos for each person who took part. I had a lot of fun making this and procrastinated a lot during the editing process trying to work out loads of niggles but I am stoked to get it finished and online.



If you want to see more from any of the people featured in this video check out their Instagram pages below:


Stephen Reid:

A Gallon Of Caffeine:

Joshua Hewitt:

Belfast Coffee Map:

Best Of Belfast:

Daniel Smyth:

Root & Branch Coffee:

Jo Osborne:

Power Of Video:

Melissa Riddell:


Fuckin' Clair Photos: h

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