Do you even Vlog. My first workshop.

August 28, 2017

I got approached by a contact working with East Side Arts in Belfast about running a workshop for their event "The Faculty at the Bank". They wanted someone with experience on film and vlogging and a few people had recommended me which was great. The event was run by Seed Arts in conjunction with East Side Arts and was hosted by the Belfast Bankers in the old bank building on the lower Newtownards road.

 I had never run a workshop before, but I have a long history of design, film and photography, I managed a creative team for years and I love talking so I jumped at the opportunity. Preparing ahead is not normally my forte, i prefer to bounce of the vibe in a room so I keep it to a few rough points in my head... I decided that my talk would be entitled "Do You Even Vlog" an introductory workshop to vlogging.

The Belfast Bankers are a small collective of mixed creatives from painter to illustrators, graffiti artist to film makers and everything in between, their events are normally small and intimate which suited me to a tee.
It was a small group of mixed skillsets and mixed background, each with their own desire, their own direction and their own goals.
I started with an introduction to me and my background before going through the room to find out what each of them wanted from he workshop and then I kinda just tailored it and made it up as I went along to tailor the chat to their specific needs.

It went well, everyone was really engaged, they asked questions, we explored ideas, I introduced them to power of Instagram stories and we created a story liv eon the day on my channel.

All in all I had blast and I hope everyone took some useful information away with them. Shout out to Seed Arts and the Belfast Bankers for letting me be a part of this and I look forward to more in the future.



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