Abandoned with Stryker

July 14, 2017

I met up with friend Liam Stryker to go explore an abandoned building in Belfast. I walk past this building a lot and have always been intrigued by it, so this was the day we decided to venture in. Having been there before, Liam was the decidated "Tour Guide" for the arvo.
Camera in hand we popped up some steps and in through, lets call it "an opening".

Once inside we could travel freely between floors. The floor was full of pigeon droppings, the wall, covered in a  range of tags and colour blasts from various graffiti artists. Broken glass, smashed doors, collapsed ceilings and boarded up windows, everything you expect and want from an abandoned building.

We all pas this building a lot. From the outside you are unaware. Unaware of its eeriness, unaware of its decay. Only once you venture inside are you aware that this building takes up a large amount of space right in a key area of Belfast City...and its completely empty, rotting, decaying...going to waste. Its a sad thing to see especially with a city experiencing so much growth elsewhere. Imagine the stories from years gone. Someone contacted me on instagram commenting on one of the shots, she talked about how she remembers being 16 and going there for her first job. Its easy to forget that these building hold memories for people and it would be great to see them restored.

It was a great experience and allowed me to get a fresh perspective of the city scape and explore some urban decay stuff too. Heres a few of the shots plus the vlog from the day.




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