A Fresh Perspective

June 4, 2017

I walk through the City a lot. I see the same people doing the same thing. Wearing the same clothes, with the same facial expressions. People get into a routine. While that is good, to have a routine, it shouldn't numb you from spotanuity, it shouldn't shield you from change and it shouldn't stop you from noticing things around you. But it does. 
I see people walking eh same route with their heads down, they ignore everything, they notice nothing. Thats not in my nature, I am inquisitive, I am nosey and I am always looking, at everything. 


This spurred on my 'Fresh Perspective' project on Instagram where I tried to find news ways of looking at things we see every day. If we are used to the same street, or building I search fro a fresh angle, I work for a shot that shows it in a new light. We see the same photos of landmarks from the same angles, so part of this was to explore photos of landmarks from a new angle, to hopefully inspire people to look harder and to take notice of the beauty around us every day.



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