My name is Dillon, I am a commercially driven, story led creative Director and Content Creator. I specialise in producing creative solutions for advertising and social media using photography, video and graphic design.


I worked full time as a Graphic Designer & photographer for over a decade both brand and agency side before moving out full time freelance  in 2017. I now work on a mix of creative photo and video projects for clients in UK and Ireland.

I learnt my way around a camera shooting  35mm film, developing my own film and photos in the darkroom. I have been a part the development of the DSLR era and now I have moved onto the Mirrorless systems.


I have used Instagram to build an engaged following of peers and like minded individuals through the use of stories as a daily vlog supported by photos on the grid.

I'm an adaptive and open minded person, I genuinely love what I do and I work hard to make a living from the things I love.


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Portrait photo by Jess Lowe - thanks for the shot